Wooden houses along a grassy slope in the mountains Ciastel de Tor, home of the Museum Ladin
Alta Badia at high altitudes

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Antermoia, San Martino and Longiarù

Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, Antermoia, San Marino and Longiarù are three towns of Val Badia that will amaze you with their natural country charm.


Antermoia (or in German Untermoi) rises to 1,515 meters above sea level and is overshadowed by the extraordinary Sasso Pütia. Its location at the entrance of the Puez Odle Nature Park evokes peace and tranquillity. Visitors have been coming from all over since the dawn of time. In fact, this town has old roots in tourism thanks to the presence of natural sulphur spring baths known as "Bagni Valdander" and found in wooded areas along the borders of the town. This mineral water comes from chalky rocks, and is rich with various therapeutic properties.

Antermoia also offers opportunities to participate in snow sports and outdoor activities. In the centre of the town visitors can take the ski lift, which takes you to the nearest ski slopes that are also convenient for families with children and novice skiers. This is a great area in the summer as well, when lush trails meander through unique, natural landscapes.

San Martino in Badia

San Martino in Badia (or in German St. Martin in Thurn) is the chair of the Ladin Cultural Institute and the Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor. It is considered to be the cradle of Ladin culture where the language and traditions from long ago make up the cornerstone of the society.

This urban development boasts the presence of numerous other institutions such as the tourist association and the public health authority centre of Piccolino. Many other organisations can be found in the surrounding areas of the town where local producers live and have been carrying on precious agricultural and handcrafts practices throughout time.

The town is connected to the ski slopes of the Plan de Corones by way of a Piculin cable car, while the ski center of Alta Badia / Sella Ronda is connected via bus.


Longiarù (or in German Campill) is one of the smallest centres of Val Badia chosen by those who seek tranquillity, rest and relaxation. Situated at 1,398 meters above sea level, this area is a preservation of the antique "viles", which are typical Ladin houses, and is definitely worth a visit. Here agriculture and livestock were the main sources of income up until ten or twenty years ago. Today, both of these activities have been taken over by the agriculture and hospitality industries, giving visitors a chance to get to know the land and appreciate its traditions.

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