The birth home of Joseph Freinademetz in the little town of Oies
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The home of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz in Oies, Alta Badia

The birthplace of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz is located in Oies, within the municipality of Badia. It is a place of pilgrimage, which is visited especially between April and October seeing as it is located at 1,500 meters above sea level.

The building dates back to about 250 years ago. It was inherited by the father of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz, who then restored it and lived there with his family.

In the course of time, when Saint Freinademetz was already known for his charitable work in China, the first religious visitors had begun to arrive. During the 60's the Missionari Verbiti, or missionaries, decided to buy the home and in 1975 dedicated it as a reception area for visitors. Many visitors come annually from Austria, Germany and Switzerland to visit the home of the Saint.

Things not to miss during your visit:

The statues in the Church of Oies

  • The statue of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz in which the Saint is shown standing.
  • The statue of Maria di Nazareth, a unique representation of Mary with child.

The La Croce Missionaria (the Missionary Cross)

This cross was most likely created in Val Gardena. Saint Freinademetz would have used it during his mission in China. Along the margins you can see the symbols of the four Evangelists. In the centre the crucifixion of Jesus is portrayed with a suffering Madonna at his feet.

The relic

The hair of this Saint had been preserved by the housekeeper of the Church of San Martino in Badia ever since the day Saint Freinademetz set off for his mission.

The medal

On the front an image of the Saint has been depicted with a book in hand. On the back, Saint Freinademetz is shown standing on a boat. Behind him stands the Church of Badia with the year of his birth (1852). In front of him is a Chinese Church with the year of his death (1908). He is holding a cross, symbol of his missionary work to bring the Word of God to China. The symbol of the Holy Trinity is seen in the upper part of the medal with a dove, the sign of the Holy Spirit. Here, the hand of the Father is also visible as if to indicate the path to follow.

The Icon

The icon of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz was designed by Piera Gortan (Trieste, 2005) and faithfully reproduces the face of the Saint. His left hand is holding a sign that shows a phrase written in Ladin, "L'lingaz dl amur é l'lingaz su che düć capësc", which means, "The language of love is the only language understood by all".

The Monument

This portrayal of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz can be found along the path between his birth home and the Church. This life-like sculpture, which portrays his actual height, has been created using stone and glass and represents a place of reflection and prayer.

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