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The valley of mills: the best of this historical culture can be found in Longiarù

Longiarù is a small area of San Martino in Badia. The natural surroundings, immersed in the Puez-Odle Park, are host to an antique and charming place: the valley of mills! Here in this wide valley, visitors can admire antique watermills from times of old that were used for agriculture and livestock. Some of these mills are still functioning, even if only for demonstration, while others serenely outline the captivating landscape, letting time and its seasons drift by silently.

Some of the most beautiful mills are found in the Miscì / Seres areas. On the way towards La Vila di Seres, passers-by can stop on the bridge where the first of eight mills is visible located along the brook. Many of these have been recently reconstructed and can be found in succession along a path of 1.5 km. Visitors can admire them one after the other and get a sense of their historical use.

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