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Excursions in Alta Badia: discovering a unique and inimitable terrain

Alta Badia is home to one of the most unique terrains in South Tyrol and in the entire alpine range. Every year both expert and beginner excursionists choose this tourist destination for their active vacations.

This is the reason why we at Altabadia.it have put together some excursions not to miss. Choose your favorite and start your travels in the heart of the Dolomites.

Tour around Mount Sasso Pütia

Hiking time: 4 - 5 hours
Pathway no.: 8a, 4, 35, 8b

The tour around Mount Sasso Pütia is one of the itineraries that we recommend for you to discover all the surrounding natural beauty and astonishing panoramas. It is even possible to reach Passo delle Erbe along the western side of Mount Sasso Pütia, passing by the Campaccio meadows. You start by climbing up to Forcella del Pütia (2,357 m.a.s.l.), and after a walk downhill you reach Passo Göma (2,111 m.a.s.l.) where you can admire the breath-taking panorama. Through meadows, woods and green pastures you then arrive at the Campaccio meadows, which bring you around back to the start.


Hiking time: 5 - 6 hours
Pathway no.: 5 and 3

This is an easy excursion that takes you through woods and mountain meadows where the alpine flora is extraordinarily fascinating. This outing is very suitable for families. It starts in the town of Longiarù where the paved road points southwest until arriving at the parking area for the Puez-Odle Nature Park (you may also arrive by car, if desired). From here you follow the forest road, passing by the Pares hut (1,602 m.a.s.l.), until you reach a large solitary boulder.
Here you must go right, taking pathway no. 5. You will pass through the meadows of Munt d'Adagn until you arrive at Forcella S. Zenon, also indicated as Passo Croce or Passo Furcia (2,293 m.a.s.l.). Right in this spot you will have the opportunity to go on towards different directions. If you take Pathway no. 3 you will reach Alpe di Funtanacia and finally arrive at Pares. Don't hesitate to take a break at the Lagac springs.

Unaltered landscapes

Hiking time: 7 - 8 hours
Pathway no.: 9 and 6a

This is an easy trek that starts on a forest road and takes you through pathways and pastures that lead to a spectacular panoramic view. Along the way you will be amazed by the unaltered landscape, groups of chamois and many other friendly inhabitants! The entire trek will be a pleasant memory for you and your family.

The trek also passes in front of the Piz dal Ora. Its characteristic shape, as the name suggests, indicates the time of day to the shepherds. From Longiarù the trek continues on towards Passo Juvel until reaching a fork in the road. Here you will have to continue following the forest road going right (path no. 9) towards Valle di Antersasc. Following the pathway uphill you will arrive at a beautiful green meadow, where you will also come upon an abandoned hut. Pathway no. 6 begins just before the hut, which, going northeast, takes you to lush grazing pastures. Bearing right will take you to a grassy knoll called Cima Dodici (2,397 m.a.s.l.) where a cross has been erected.

Tour through alpine huts

Hiking time: 6 hours (you can shorten hiking time by taking public transportation to Passo delle Erbe or to the parking area for Pé de Börz)

The tour starts from Antermoia and leads towards Alfarei, carrying on in the direction of the Monte Muro hut. From here you can take the trail that leads to the Pecol hut, following a small road through the woods, which brings you to the Pé de Börz parking area. After about 45 minutes you will arrive at Passo delle Erbe. The road passes through an extraordinary natural area of woods and lush meadows, which leads directly to the Ütia de Börz hut and to Cir. The path continues on passing through the "Città dei Sassi" and, after about 35 minutes of walking, finally reaches Göma hut, which is the last one on the trail.
This excursion through the huts can be done in both directions.

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