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Nature parks found in Alta Badia

The Alta Val Badia terrain contains two natural parks: the Fanes-Senes-Braies and the Puez-Odle. Here some information for you regarding these parks.

Nature reserve Puez - Odle

Beyond that is the rocky range of Luson and the relief of Plose, which are of quarziferous Filladi origin, whilst to the west the porphyric rocky Resciesa juts out from the Odle.

From this variety of geological structures a corresponding variety of shapes and rural aspects is derived. The typical tabular structure of the grey, uniform plateau of Puez contrasts with the slender, bold shapes of the "Pizes dl Cier", Odles, Sassongher and Sas de Pütia. This geologic variability is enriched by figures of remarkable beauty such as amphitheatres, caves, natural arches, rock pinnacles and strangely eroded shapes which, as in the case of Col dala Sonê, fill visitors with admiration and awe.

The flora is also varied and with an abundance of rare varieties. It is characterised by the dwarf rhododendron, the artemisia and the buttercup. The fauna is well represented with some of the most typical mountain species, from the chamois to the marmot, and from the mountain pheasant to the golden eagle.

Nature reserve Fanes - Senes - Braies

The mountains of Fanes circle a vast amphitheatre of undulating pastures which can be reached through the valleys. Here you will find easy but satisfying crossings, from both a mountaineering and an aesthetic point of view.
It is necessary to mention the ease with which you can reach the main peaks, and the wonderful view you can enjoy when you get there. Rare elements predominate in the vast panorama. The spectacular backdrop in the distance is completed with the gentle wood-covered slopes and the valley sprinkled with houses and farms.

The kingdom of Fanes, of the mysterious Dolomite legends, has made the names of Fanes and Senes famous, maybe even more than their interest as a rural environment. Without doubt, the kingdom found inspiration in the vast, rugged and animated mountain plateaux, and from their unique natural conformation determined by the abundance of karst formations.

Nevertheless, if the regions of Fanes and Senes make up the central nucleus of this park, they are very closely connected and they merge with the complex of the adjacent Braies Dolomites, until the stupendous balcony of the Prato Piazza, at the Picco di Vallandro, in the majestic group of the Croda Rossa.
And the legendary, mysterious charm of Fanes continues today: in the autumn of 1987, with the sensational discovery in a cave of numerous bone fossils belonging to specimens of the cave bear, a new page of the history of the Dolomites, and in fact of the entire alpine arch, was written.

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