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The Ladin language

The Ladin language has very ancient origins yet is still spoken today in Val Badia, as well as in the other valleys surrounding Sella (Gardena, Livinallongo, Fassa, Cortina), in Friuli and in the Canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. Even though the spoken language has ancient origins, the written form is relatively young with the first documents dating back only to 1700. Up until this time, myths and legends were passed on orally. Nonetheless, even today the number of authors and publications continues to grow, with the goal of spreading their unique cultural patrimony.

The Ladin people from the Province of Bolzano (in Val Gardena and Val Badia) are officially recognized as a third ethnic group and are therefore granted special protection.

Some examples of how the Ladin language is being preserved:

  • scholastic ordinance calls for weekly lessons on Ladin language and culture
  • the Ladin language has been adopted in the Public Administration
  • RAI (Italy's national broadcasting company) televises TRAIL (Ladin news program) daily as wells as short radio broadcasts in Ladin language
  • the "Usc di Ladins", newspaper in the Ladin language, is released weekly

Some short phrases in the Ladin language:

Good day Bun dé!
Good evening Bun sëra
Good night Buna nöt
How are you? Co vara pa?
Fine / Bad! Bun / mal
Where are you going? Ula vaste pa?
Home A ciasa
Thank you Giulan
Farewell A s'udëi
What is your name? Co aste pa inom?
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