Ladin museum Ciastel de Tor made of a modern building and an older castle
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The Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor

The Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor is located in San Martino in Badia. Its goal is to preserve the Ladin language and traditions as well as its identity and antique culture. Inside the museum you can explore the land's interesting legends, geology, archaeology, tourism and local handcrafts. Safeguarding antique traditions means protecting a community that has been able to keep their own cultural identity intact and has been able to continue on antique traditions throughout the years.

Some history about the Museum Ladin

This building dates back to 1230, when the first tower was built with three floors. The first written documents date back to 1260 and refer to it as the "Turris in Geder", otherwise translated as the "Torre in Quadra", which served as the judicial centre. Over the years, the lords of Rodank-Schöneck expanded the structure adding on a crenelated protective wall and another newer, yet smaller, building. The tower, which was made taller by adding two additional floors, used to be used as a granary.

Throughout time further renovations followed such as the amplification of the Romanesque castle and the addition of two other round towers. In 1803, the building was passed on to some local farmers. Their descendants lived there for years, handing down the property from generation to generation.

In 1996, the autonomous Province of Bolzano decided to buy the building, and in 2001 they transformed it into the Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor. Apart from its permanent expositions on Ladin culture, many important events and gatherings are held here.

Museo Ladin Ćiastel de Tor,
Tor 65
39030 San Martino in Badia
Tel.: +39 0474 524020

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